Waste Flow
Several Waste

Impact on PESTEL categories
Economic, Social, Environmental, Technical

Location of the good practice
Pécs FA

Stakeholders involved
NGOs, city of Pécs, green authority, local waste management company, local poor people

Supply chain, selective waste, protect health

For the families who living at peripheral areas, waste is still considered as the primary fuel in the co-fired boilers. Unfortunately, not only clothing (textile) and paper, but also plastic and other waste is burned in mixed-fuel boilers that have a health-damaging effect.
Several factors are required for a successful EIS:
● Enable families in need to use real fuels other than waste.
● Provide free of charge fuel materials (e.g. wood waste from landscaping).
● Informing schoolchildren and parents about the dangers of incineration.
● Involve actors who are in daily/weekly contact with affected families (nurses, Church, Family Support Services) in this information campaign.
● Organizing distribution of alternative fuels for families with law income.
● Creating an appropriate formal Information Network of potential stakeholders, potential alternative fuel providers, the laboratories, etc.
● Advertising and making a full campaign.

Eliminating the incineration of waste.


Source: http://kornyezetbarat.hulladekboltermek.hu/res/img/1447/fustolo-kemeny-muanyag-egetes.jpg (Accessed: 01.19.2020)

For further information
D5.8 Eco-innovative solutions for Pécs (page 46-49)

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