The management of REPAiR has as its major task ensuring the support, coordination and facilitation of the consortium activities in the project as a whole. Measures are included to ensure that the required quality levels are met and that the impact as described in the previous section is achieved. Project management techniques will be used to monitor that all scheduled activities are carried out on time. In particular, special effort must be directed towards harmonisation of work progress in the case of crucial interdependencies of activities, within or across work packages (WP’s).

REPAiR Management structure


Roles & Consortium Bodies

Each consortium member can have one or several roles in the project. All consortium members are represented in the Steering Committee (SC). TUD has the role of technical coordinator, assisted by a project manager from the same organisation. A number of consortium members are responsible for monitoring and ensuring progress on specific activities in the role of Work Package Leader. Moreover, some members are key responsible for the organisation of a specific PULLs (Peri-Urban Living Labs). WP leaders and PULLs leaders together form the project board.

Consortium members

The individual consortium members are responsible for executing the tasks allocated to their organisation and to safeguard the timely delivery of results (deliverables) and the required quality level. They are also responsible for the coordination, within their WPs and with other WPs, of their activities especially where they relate directly to the work and progress of other participants. Coordination of the entire project is built into the WP structure and the overlapping membership of the WP teams. In each technical WP there are at least <four> consortium members involved and each consortium member contributes to at least two of the technical WPs. This is an ideal situation for promoting cross-fertilisation between the WPs and an exchange of expertise between consortium members. In principle, all consortium members have the facilities and expertise to individually execute the tasks as described in the description of work. For most of the tasks, there is a complementarity as well as a partial overlap in specific expertise, such that should any consortium member be unable to perform its task in a WP or part of it, this task could likely be taken over by one of the other consortium members.

Coordinator and Project Manager

The coordinator maintains the project-wide overview, promoting synergy, identifying possible inconsistencies and generally overseeing implementation. The coordinator is supported in this work by work package leaders who oversee workflow, research and development activity coordination and progress, and specific project results in the allocated work package. The coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the project as a whole and as such forms the point of contact for the European Commission representative and is furthermore responsible for project management of both technical content and administrative procedures.
The project coordination is performed at two levels:
Before the contract is signed and the project can begin, a Consortium Agreement (CA) will be drawn up and signed by all consortium partners. It is a legal document containing the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all consortium partners including but not limited to their liability, confidentiality rules, access to and protection of knowledge, protection of intellectual property rights (IPR). It is based on the DESCA model contract, elaborated by academic and industrial parties all over Europe.

WP and PULLs Leaders

A WP leader is appointed for each work package to coordinate and oversee the WP activities. In principle, the representative of the partner with the largest number of person months involved in the particular WP is the WP leader. Notwithstanding the task of the WP leaders, the responsibility of the proper coordination and execution of the entire project formally remains with the coordinator and the consortium as a whole. The WP leaders are responsible for monitoring the milestones and deliverables in their WP and will maintain close and frequent contact with consortium members involved in their WP. For each PULLs, a PULLs leader and a management group are defined. It’s the PULLs leader’s responsibility to organise and coordinate a PULLs. WP leaders can also be PULLs leaders.

User Board

To support the work of the consortium and the steering committee and advising on the road ahead and the quality assurance of outputs produced. A user board is established. The task of the user board is to monitor adherence of project deliverables to the needs of future GDSE users. The user board will consist of around 20 members primarily from regional and city planning authorities, as they are the future key GDSE users. The user board is complemented by members of GO and NGOs that have a stake in developing a circular economy or the sustainable development of peri-urban areas (PURPLE). The user board will play a crucial role in testing and further developing the GDSE and will therefore be invited to join the regular project meetings, in particular the kick-off meeting and the knowledge transfer and GDSE testing workshops during the PULLs.

Organisation Main representative(s) Position Country
IUAV Renato Bocchi Professor IT
City of Naples Luigi de Magistris Mayor IT
University of Łódź Karolina Dmochowska – Dudek Professor PL
Municipality Stryków in Łódź Metropolitan Area Andrzej Jankowski Mayor PL
Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw Wojciech Frątczak Head of Department of Water Management Planning PL
Brzeziny City Marcin Pluta Mayor PL
Association of Polish Cities Marcin Pluta Vice President PL
Association of Lódź Metropolitan Area Marcin Pluta Vice President PL
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – Senate Chancellery Sabine Hilfert Senior Policy Advisor DE
County of Pinneberg Oliver Stolz
Andreas Köhler
Tobias Kuckuck
Head of district authority DE
Government Office of Baranya County Tibor Schwarcz Head of Environment and Nature Protection Department HU
Municipality of Pécs János Girán Deputy-mayor HU
City of Ghent Jorn Verbeeck Directeur Milieu en Klimaat BE
AEB Amsterdam Sietse A. Agema Strategic Advisor NL
EVOLV Fonz Dekkers Founding Owner NL
City of Amsterdam Eveline Jonkhoff Strategic Advisor Sustainable Development and Circular Economy NL
ROC Detroit Loriane Icibaci Senior Advisor US

User board members