Here you can find reports of our current progress in REPAiR Project

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Deliverable 1.2 Equal opportunity plan – EOP

Deliverable 2.1 Vision of the GDSE Applications

Deliverable 2.4 Handbook for Geodesign Workshops

Deliverable 2.5 Adapted GDSE modules

Deliverable 2.6 Technical Documentation 2

Deliverable 3.1 Introduction to methodology for integrated spatial, material flow and social analyses

Deliverable 3.2 Socio-culturalsocio-economic and company-related investigations for pilot cases

Deliverable 3.3 Process model for the two pilot cases – Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Naples, Italy – final

Deliverable 3.4 Process model of Ghent – PU

Deliverable 3.5 Process model Lodz

Deliverable 3.6 Process Model Hamburg

Deliverable 3.7 Process model Pecs

Deliverable 3.8 Report – findings on socio-cultural, socio-economic and company related investigations

Deliverable 3.9 Comparison report for policy makers

Deliverable 4.4 Definitive framework for sustainability assessment

Deliverable 4.7 Sustainability assessment for the management of key waste streams in PULLs. Status Quo versus alternative strategies

Deliverable 4.8 Sustainability assessment for the pilot case studies – Eco-innovative solutions

Deliverable 5.1 PULLs Handbook

Deliverable 5.2 Catalogue of solutions and strategies for Amsterdam

Deliverable 5.3 Eco-Innovative Solutions Naples

Deliverable 5.4 Handbook how to run a PULL, version 2

Deliverable 5.5 Catalogue of solutions and strategies for follow up cases – Ghent

Deliverable 5.6 Eco-innovative solutions Lodz

Deliverable 5.7 Catalogue of solutions and strategies for Hamburg

Deliverable 5.8 Eco-innovative solutions for Pécs

Deliverable 5.9 Updated Handbook. How to run a PULL

Deliverable 6.1 Governance and Decision-Making Processes in Pilot Cases

Deliverable 6.2 Governance and Decision-Making Processes in Follow-up Cases

Deliverable 6.3 Decision model for Pilot cases

Deliverable 6.4 First application of the decision model in all case studies

Deliverable 6.5 Cross Analyses of Decision Models

Deliverable 7.1 Theoretical model of knowledge transfer

Deliverable 7.2 (Online) Knowledge Transfer Handbook

Deliverable 8.1 Corporate Identity

Deliverable 8.2 Communication Handbook

Deliverable 8.3 Basic dissemination plan

Deliverable 8.5 Project website

Deliverable 8.6 Dissemination Plan and dissemination Kit

Deliverable 8.7 Scientific publications

Deliverable 8.8 Workshops, press conferences, policy oriented seminars

Deliverable 8.9 Exploitation Plan

Deliverable 8.10 Dissemination Kit

Deliverable 8.11 Final Research Data Management Plan

Deliverable 8.12 Dissemination and Exploitation report