The workshop on the REPAiR (H2020) project: “Food waste valorisation in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: From Sustainability Impact Assessment to Learnings & Recommendations” will be held on 12th March 2020 in the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The day will include a number of presentations and related discussions with the user-board members (representing local stakeholder) on the results of the H2020 REPAiR project focusing on the case of food waste management in Amsterdam.

Circular economy envisions the recovery and valorisation of waste and residues. In European cities, food waste represents about 30-40% of the municipal solid waste generated and it is often managed sub-optimally incurring important environmental and health-related impacts additionally to economic costs for handling. While optimal solutions should ideally address social, economic and environmental pillars, the impacts of the solutions proposed at different levels are often not appropriately assessed, incurring unintended trade-offs (e.g. between environmental compartments or between economics and environment, etc.) and ultimately sub-optimal results at a societal level. In the REPAiR project we developed a holistic framework for sustainability assessment that encompasses the social, economic, and environmental pillars. On top, a multi-criteria analysis approach has also been developed and applied to synthetize complex results consisting of multiple indicators into a straightforward ranking of alternatives in the endeavour to strengthen and ease the final communication to policy-makers. The framework has been applied to the case study of Amsterdam using site-specific data and assessing scenarios that have been proposed by local stakeholders. The workshop aims to: i) show the results for Amsterdam and ii) discuss with local stakeholders policy actions/initiatives and the knowledge-transfer to other cities/regions within EU.

The workshop participants will include:

  • Arjan van Timmeren (Professor & Project Leader; TUD),
  • Alex Wandl (Researcher, TUD)
  • Eveline Jonkhoff (Strategic Advisor Sustainable Development and Circular Economy, city of Amsterdam)
  • Joost van Faaseen (Strategic Advisor, Municipality of Utrecht)
  • Olaf Blaauw (Consultant, Delta Development)
  • Sue-Ellen Taelman (Researcher, Ugent)
  • Sietse A. Agema (Founder Awect)
  • Fonz Dekkers (Founder and owner, Evolv)
  • Davide Tonini & colleagues from Circular Economy JRC team