Planners, researchers and decision makers interested in the geodesign decision support environment (GDSE) developed in the REPAiR project can choose from different descriptions of the tool:

  • A short overview and first impression can be found here
  • The “Handbook for Geodesign Workshops” gives a general overview on how the GDSE can be used in a workshop setting aiming to develop strategies for the circular economy in a specific area.
  • All details on how to prepare the GDSE for a project and its workshops and how to fill it with the data needed for a fruitful application are described in this manual on the GSDE modules .
  • In addition, the technical documentation of the GDSE gives you all information on how to install your own copy of the GDSE on your server and how to modify it the way it fits best to your project needs.

As its development was funded by the European Research Program “Horizon 2020”, the GDSE is open source, licensed under GPLv2 (GNU General Public License, version 2).