Each year, the UNINA team carry out two important Research and Design Studio with Master students.

  • Laboratorio di Progettazione Urbanistica – Prof. Arch. Michelangelo Russo – UPTA – Urbanistica Paesaggio Territorio Ambiente – First semester of each year, University Studio Lab
  • Laboratorio di Progettazione Urbanistica A – Prof. Arch. Michelangelo Russo – CdL Architettura 5UE – Second semester of each year – University Studio Lab
  • Laboratorio di Urbanistica A – Prof. Arch. Enrico Formato – CdL Magistrale in Progettazione Architettonica – First semester of each year – University Studio Lab

The main topic of the Studio Labs is the contemporary city, as well as its knowledge, its interpretation, and its project: the urban project is the “thematic core” that is studied and interpreted in its component, in its materials and techniques.

The different changes that are happening in the contemporary territories are examined in relation to economy and jobs, communication and transportation networks, land use. The Studio Labs are focused on case studies in the Metropolitan Area of Naples, characterized by urban degradation and decay. The project must foresee the renewal of the settlements, and the regeneration of the infrastructures and of the environment, with a special focus on the open public spaces. The description of the territory object of the study and of its problems, with the techniques and the integrated methodologies that need to be experimented on the fields, is the principal part of the project elaboration. The work must be completed by a literature review of practices and practical experiences of projects that should be coherent with the educational offer of the lectures, the seminars, as well as the external contribution to the course.



Future urban planners and designers are a key target group of the dissemination strategy of REPAiR. Therefore, we are integrating the research activities at the participating university with their teaching activities.

In the pre-lab phase, the TUD team has carried out a Research and Design Studio – Spatial strategies for the Global Metropolis – with 80 (inter)national urbanism Master students. The aim of the Studio was to develop integrative spatial development Visions and Strategies for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area that should spur the transition towards a circular economy. This integration meant that members of the REPAiR team were part of the studio mentor teams and provided additional methodological input for material flow analyses and systemic design.

In this report, we present the ‘short versions’ of the regional strategies developed by students during the Research and Design Studio –Spatial Design Strategies for the Global Metropolis. Within 10 weeks, groups of four to six students developed first a vision and thereafter a strategy for the spatial development of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA).

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