We encourage you to enjoy the exhibition at this link. Since the exhibition will close in October 2022, this is the place where you may find all the exhibits at least until December 2025, represented in forms of posters and videos.

Introduction to the Exhibition:


REPAiR in a nutshell:


Key-concepts and methods used in REPAiR:


Peri-Urban Living Labs (PULLs) methodology:


Sustainability Assessment Framework:


Transferring knowledge on the circular economy across regions – experiences from the REPAiR:


The key features of the Geodesign Decision Support Environment (GDSE):


Different decision methods applied during the co-creation process:




Pilot case study Amsterdam:


Pilot case study Naples:


Follow up case study Ghent:


Follow up case study Hamburg:


Follow up case study Łódź:


Follow up case study Pécs:


Chosen Eco-Innovative Solutions (EIS) and strategies for a transition toward circular economy:


Overview of REPAiR dissemination activities: