Border / inhabitants

The MAN is highly dense (around 3.0 million inhabitants), with peri-urban areas near the Vesuvius volcano. The boundaries of the case-study area are delimited by considering the system of transport and ecological linkages and contain the larger plain area that reaches the Regi Lagni to the north east of the city.

Problems / key material flows

The natural and built environments are highly degraded and compromised. Criminal organisations have significant influence in this area. The Campania Region potentially has 2551 contaminated sites. These are landfills and areas of uncontrolled waste deposit. The region has six Sites of National Interest (SIN), which are polluted areas. 15.8% of the entire region is polluted, a total of 2,157 km2 (ARPAC, 2008).

PULL Naples

Land of Fires
88 municipalities (55 in the Metropolitan City of Naples + 33 in the Province of Caserta), 1431 km2, 2.899 million inhs.
Case study peri-urban areas
the eastern suburbs of Naples from the littoral to the slopes of mount Vesuvius + 7 northern eastern municipalities.
7 municipalities: 130 km2, 326.324 inhs, population density from 853 inhs/km2 (Acerra) to 6750 inhs/km2 (Casoria) young population 17% – 21%
unemployment rate 25,5% – 35%
number of graduates =17.947
average per capita income from 15.986€ to 13.404€

Key Challenges

  • Care of landscapes and communities
  • Recover material and non-material damages towards more sustainable developments
  • Democracy, transparency and free access to knowledge for planning the future