he Circularity Gap Report

As the World Economic Forum is fast approaching, we are getting ready to launch our landmark The Circularity Gap Report (link for download: http://shiftingparadigms.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/the-circularity-gap-report-2018.pdf) during a breakfast session organised by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

We are reaching out to you to ask for your help in launching this vital report aimed at accelerating the implementation of the circular economy.

The Report will be launched tomorrow, on the 23rd of January. We’d highly appreciate your support in sharing and supporting our efforts in promoting this report. Below you can find the main message, our call to action and, at the bottom of this page, suggested social media posts.

Main Message of the Report:

Our world economy is only 9.1% circular, leaving a massive ‘Circularity Gap’. This alarming statistic is the main output of this first Circularity Gap Report, in which Circle Economy launches a metric for the circular state of the planet. The Circularity Gap Report provides a framework and fact-base to measure and monitor progress in bridging the gap, year on year.

Call to Action

We have identified 4 steps to take action in bridging the circularity gap through leadership and action:

  1. Build a global coalition for action
  2. Develop a global target and action agenda
  3. Translate global targets into local pathways for circular change
  4. Improve our understanding of how different levers for circular change affect aspects such as material saving, value retention and climate mitigation