UNINA seminars

A series of seminars, part of the European research project REPAiR, and following the previous meetings on the topics of organic and construction and demolition waste, are promoted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II, together with the Campania Region Authority. The objectives of these workshops are to start a crucial phase of listening and discussion within the Peri-Urban Living Lab of the pilot case of Naples, with local institutions and other diverse stakeholder groups, as well as with the residents. All the people interested in the topic of Wastescapes and in defining Eco-Innovative Solutions for waste management for the regeneration of the peri-urban areas are invited to participate in the workshops.

The first of the three scheduled workshops will be held on Wednesday 14 February 2018 – from 3.00 to 6.00 pm, at the Municipal Library of Afragola, located in via Firenze, 33, focusing particularly on the Wastescapes in close proximity to the area around the high-speed train station of Afragola. It will focus mostly on the definition of the challenging areas that need to be mapped and re-interpreted, in order to further develop the work done so far by the team of Naples on the understanding and representation of Wastescapes.

The further workshops, that will be held on March 7 and March 28, will focus on the Eco-Innovative Solutions for the areas selected in the first meeting of February 14.