20190218-Hamburg-Altona PULL REPAiR

The 3rd Hamburg-Altona PULL workshop took place on 13.02.2019 in HafenCity University, the meeting focused on a deeper discussion about ideas for eco-innovative solutions in Hamburg-Altona.

In the last workshop in November the problems of waste prevention, collection and treatment in the district of Altona had been discussed. Furthermore the analysis of five exemplary neighborhoods and first ideas for solutions that had been produced in a student workshop in summer 2018 by students for TU Delft and HCU were presented and discussed.

In the current workshop the focus was on ideas for solutions. Based on the discussion on problems and the students’ ideas the present stakeholders were developing own ideas respectively adopting the students’ proposals or other existing solutions.

The results are a variety of briefly described ideas for solutions that will be further developed over the next months. Some examples are a guideline for new neighborhood planning that includes circularity from the initial planning phase and a concept for a neighborhood recycling and re-use hub.

Together with the stakeholders it was decided that the deeper development of solutions will take place in smaller expert groups over the next weeks. For this purpose, more experts on different will be contacted and involved. Then in the next larger PULL meeting on 22.05.2019 the status of all solutions will be presented and discussed.