NGM 2019

A REPAiR session titled “Waste management and circular economy in regional development and planning” took place at the 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting “Sustainable Geography – Geographies of Sustainability”, in Trondheim, Norway (June 16–19 2019). This session was organised by REPAiR researchers Konrad Czapiewski (IGSO PAS), Alexander Wandl (TUD), and Libera Amenta (UNINA/ TUD). The chair of the session was Libera Amenta.

There were 4 papers presented:

  1. If it doesn’t fit make it fit: rural villages in the Karelian Republic and their struggle to implement all new Russian Waste legislation
    Gleb Iarovoi, Moritz Albrecht
  2. 100% pure 80% unsure? A comparative view public and governmental strategies for rapid change in implementing a circular economy in New Zealand
    Kelly Barclay
  3. Circular Economy and Living Labs – potentials for a CE model of rural-urban governance in Gloucestershire, UK
    Daniel Keech, Damian Maye, Matt Reed
  4. Eco-innovative solutions for material and territorial dissipation
    Michelangelo Russo, Libera Amenta, Anna Attademo, Enrico Formato, Alexander Wandl, Hilde Remoy, Cecilia Furlan

The REPAiR researchers (the last paper) were presented by Libera Amenta.

You can find the detailed program of the conference here.