The REPAiR project researcher Marcin Dąbrowski (TUD), presented key findings from REPAiR focusing on insights WP2, WP3, and WP6 at the SA Winter Conference 2019 panel “City and regional policy futures”. The key message was that the spatial dimension of Circular Economy is neglected and needs to be explored further by regional and urban scholars.

In these turbulent times, regional research is once again spearheading major efforts to provide the type of reliable, robust knowledge necessary to correct the opening of gaps between people and places which are emerging as winners and losers. The aim of this panel was to facilitate discussion and stimulate debate around whether existing policies and frameworks help (or hinder) cities and regions, or there are alternatives that we should be promoting.

A series of invited panellists delivered a short opening position statement. The panellists approached this from their respective roles on the UK2070 Commission into city and regional inequalities (Gillian Bristow, Cecilia Wong), working for the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy in the European Commission (Lewis Dijkstra), and researching the circular economy and its implications for people and places (Marcin Dąbrowski). This open discussion among the panellists folowed, prompted by questions from the audience.

Entire video of the panel is available here.