Conference of International Geographical Union Commission „Geography of Governance” is approaching. More than 60 participants from over 20 countries will meet together in Praia, Cabo Verde to discuss about trends, challenges and innovations in local and urban governance. Konrad Czapiewski from IGiPZ PAN will present there a paper summarizing the results of Work Package 6 “Developing and Implementing Decision Models” of REPAiR project. His speech “URBAN REGIONS SHIFTING TO CIRCULAR ECONOMY: UNDERSTANDING CHALLENGES FOR NEW WAYS OF GOVERNANCE” will be based on a common paper prepared by Andreas Obersteg , Alessandro Arlati , Arianne Acke, Gilda Berruti, Konrad Czapiewski, Marcin Dąbrowski, Erwin Heurkens, Cecília Mezei, Maria Federica Palestino, Viktor Varjú, Marcin Wójcik and Jörg Knieling for Urban Planning journal. Here is a link to the whole programme and abstracts of the conference: