Ghent Workshop

In order to discuss WP3 and WP4 issues, REPAiR team from the Ghent University has organized a workshop in Ghent, Belgium on January 30th, 2017.

During the fruitful kick-off meeting of REPAiR in Amsterdam and Delft the 3rd and 4th of November 2016, we were able to identify some primary challenges (e.g. related to methodological choices, data-availability issues, different interpretations of modelling processes/flows, etc. ) which are related to, amongst others, WP3 and WP4. In order to face these challenges in a constructive and goal-oriented way to be able to proceed with the project deliverables and activities in time, a workshop has been organized specifically related to key aspects of WP3 and WP4.

All WP leaders & all members assigned to WP3/WP4 were invited, including the PULL leaders. 18 participants representing 9 institutions were present.

The following aspects were discussed:

Goal and scope

  1. Boundaries: geographical boundaries of peri-urban areas vs. MFA boundaries vs. LCA boundaries;
  2. Circular economy: within peri-urban spatial boundaries or at the process chain level?
  3. Systematic framework to connect all WP3/WP4 tasks;
  4. Functional unit a PULL case study? Comparable between the cases?
  5. Time factor?
  6. Possibility for integration?

Data inventory

  1. MFA: data collection at which level?
  2. What kind of data (energy, materials, emissions, social, economic, spatial…)?
  3. Availability and quality of data? Dynamic?
  4. Also background data and data related to the indicators.

Elements of the sustainability framework

  1. Local versus global impacts: which ones are relevant for the project? Clear definition needed.
  2. Identification of local and global indicators and development of selection criteria.
  3. Cause-effect chains of state indicators, effect on which AoP?
  4. Streamlining social, environmental, economic and spatial approaches (to what extent? weighting? normalization? Stakeholder input?)
  5. How should the final sustainability results look like (input for GDSE)

Ghent Workshop.Ghent Workshop