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REPAiR scientific coordinator, together with the representatives of consortium members Pheno Horizon and Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization – Polish Academy of Sciences, met the representatives of the Lodzkie House – a regional office of the Lodzkie Voivodship in Brussels, on 25 of January 2019.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the REPAiR project and talk about the possibilities of implementation of design solutions in the region of Łódź. The GDSE tool was presented and the discussion took place on the possibilities that it creates in supporting the region’s management processes. The scope of possible forecasting of phenomena as well as data input is discussed. From the other side, the representatives of Lodzkie House presented their experiences resulting from the implementation of the SCREEN project. The SCREEN project allowed for the diagnosis and assessment of the maturity of entrepreneurs from the region. The partnership consisted of 17 regions with varying degrees of sophistication in the implementation of circular solutions. As a result, new possibilities for financing activities supporting cooperation for the circular economy in the Łódź region were developed in cooperation with European regions. Moreover, the plans of creation of the Regional Center for the Circular Economy and Internationalization of Enterprises in Łódź, Green Hub, was also discussed.

Participants of the meeting agreed that the region of Łódź, in connection with the activities already implemented, is ready to conduct cumulative activities in order to move from a linear to a circular economy – through the implementation of pilot projects.

201901 Lodz meeting REPAiR