We are proud to announce a new article within REPAiR project: “Circular and Flexible Indoor Partitioning—A Design Conceptualization of Innovative Materials and Value Chains”, by Bob Geldermans, Martin Tenpierik, and Peter Luscuere.

This article contains the AS-MFA method, as developed within the REPAiR framework. The article sheds light on the materialization and operation of residential partitioning wall components in relation to circular and flexible performance. The hypothesis is twofold: (1) A stronger integration of materialization and operation aspects is indispensable in establishing sustainable value-models, and (2) recent innovations, concerning the reversibility of material connections, will help disrupting the status-quo. Attention is drawn to renewable natural fibre composites (NFC), reversible adhesives, and biodegradable insulation materials. After a background sketch regarding the notion of time, change, and material circularity in design and planning, the housing challenge in the Amsterdam metropolitan area is described. Next, a design conceptualization stage is introduced, informed by two methods and tools in particular: Circ-Flex assessment, and Activity-based Spatial Material Flow Analysis.