PULL Ghent

The objective of the first PULL-meeting was to explain the REPAiR-project and its potential as a tool for the city of Ghent and its neighboring municipalities to plan and experience eco-innovative solutions to (better) valorize (their) bio-waste flows. This occasion consisted in the first opportunity for stakeholders from different disciplines to get acquainted and to engage in the project.

During the plenary session the context of the REPAiR-project was set: its objectives, the approach, and work in the different WPs: from data collection, over sustainability analysis to the development of eco-innovative solutions and strategies, the interdisciplinary collaboration and participatory approach.

The PULL focused then on the context of the focus-area, with a particular attention on the current waste management practices, some innovative and participative initiatives to prevent waste, and the challenges set by the municipality of Ghent to become a climate neutral city by 2050.

After the plenary session, the participants engaged in a roundtable debate addressing specific challenges for the management of bio- and residual waste in the focus area, with regard to processes, actors, policy, and regulations. There was also the first exchange on existing practices for the management of bio-waste.