20190212 TUD 0

At the monthly Urbanism Lunch Seminar (TUD), which took place in Delft on February 12th 2019, the TUD REPAiR team gave a comprehensive presentation and interactive workshop, presenting the results of the project after two and a half years. Alexander Wandl, introduced the meeting with Geodesign and Peri-urban living Lab methodology developed throughout the project. The key results for the Amsterdam case has been presented as well:

  • there is a high awareness in the public sector and the industry for a shift towards a circular economy, but that there is little awareness among the populations;
  • for both key flows (food waste, and construction and demolition waste), there are still significant parts of waste is either incinerated and that from circular treatment possibilities, recycling which is the least value maintaining treatment is still dominant.

20190212 TUD 2

Thereafter the audience had a chance to test the GDSE on touch-enabled computers under the guidance of the TUD REPAiR team and discuss the eco-innovative solutions that were developed in the peri-urban living Lab of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.