The event is conceived within the activities of Knowledge Transfer/ Education carried out by DiARC, with the aim of orienting students’ interests on the terms of eco-innovation and Wastescapes. Moreover, the workshop stresses the concept of eco-innovation as a design requirement for new, multi-functional green infrastructure aimed at redeveloping peri-urban areas in the Metropolitan Area of Naples (MAN).

The aim of the workshop is to design a kind of inventory of spatial/ technological solution deeply connected to the processes of re-use, recycle, and redevelopment of three categories of waste: C&D waste; organic waste, wastewaters. Such solutions will be eco-innovative due to both the choice of material components and their social implication, working on the definition of eco-innovation as a kind of solution that merges together technological, social and economic innovation (see also: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eco-innovation).

Further, the workshop tries to test effective opportunities in order to apply green infrastructure components as new peri-urban “objects” by which defining the identity of the place.

Students coming from the course of Environment Design have been working on it since the beginning of the course, in September, so they’ll present projects’ advances by which the workshop will start.

A group of professionals and experts will design with the students, leading them toward feasible and design-valued solutions, as teacher and tutors.