traveling Trash Tour REPAiR

Traveling trash tour – cycling Europe against plastic Waste visits TU Delft
Wednesday September 19 -17:00
TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Room B


How to close the loop: steps towards a system-wide transition to the Circular Economy

Biomimicry, cradle to cradle and thinking in loops – are you ready to untangle the underlying principles of the circular economy and find out how to implement it on a larger scale?

As part of their 2000km bike ride against plastic waste with a big flamingo sculpture made from waste collected on the streets of Paris, Impact Revolution has partnered up with the TU Delft, a world leading institution on circularity and technology, to invite you for an afternoon of discoveries about the circular economy.

We will discuss ways to implement the circular economy on a larger scale of our economy and guide a system-wide transition. How do companies, engineers and politicians need to change their way of thinking, strategizing and solving daily challenges, and what is the role of science, research and education in developing and spreading circular innovation? Top experts will give us insights from their research, tell us about the latest technological developments and share new approaches to product design and material recovery. What is the current status quo in Europe and which are the most important steps to be taken now? Lastly, we will finish with a conclusion of things we can all do on a daily basis to make our own lives a little more circular.

Experts on the Panel:

  • Alexander Wandl, MSc, Senior Researcher @ Chair of Environmental Technology and Design, TU Delft
  • Wart Luscuere, Co-founder at Beyond Sustainability B.V., Sustainability researcher at Inspired Ambitions, circular economy author and one of the core initiators of the ocean cleanup in 2013-15
  • Foteini Setaki, researcher at the department of Environmental Technologies and Design in the faculty of Architecture at TU Delft, and a co-founder of The New Raw. Specialist on work applications of additive manufacturing technologies in the built environment and 3D printing.
  • Arjan van Timmeren, Professor of Environmental Technology & Design, specialist in sustainable technology for buildings and area development within the Department of Urban Planning in the TU Delft

The panel will be moderated by Clara Bütow, founder of Impact Revolution and initiator of the Traveling Trash Tour.

This event is being supported by the by the Research Project REPAiR: Resource management in peri-urban areas, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688920.

For more information on CE research projects at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment visit the Circular Built Environment Platform: