The 6th Consortium meeting of H2020 REPAiR project is taking a place in Naples between on 28th and 29th of May 2019. A lot of practical meetings, discussions, workshops and exchanging idea panels have been planned by REPAiR Executive Board and UNINA host.

For the first day, after opening greetings and management/ finance updates, introductory presentations titled “Wastescapes in Regional Landscape Planning” (by Bruno Discepolo from Campania Region), and discussion “From Wastescapes to Regenerative-scapes” between Michelangelo Russo (UNINA) and Arjan van Timmeren (TUD), GDSE process demonstration “A Role-play among Pilot cases” has been planned. Later on this day, two parallel work package sessions will take place (WP8’s “First draft program of final Conference/ dissemination activities, and WP6-WP5s “Cross analysis of decision models within PULLs”), followed by Field Trip by bus at “Apple Academy”, where the participants will have a guided tour, and three additional presentations: “The project of an eco-district in East Naples” (by Francesco Iacotucci from ASIA NAPLES), “A social garden in Ponticelli. The transformation of a wastescape into a sustainable city” (by Anita Rubino from Lilliput Centro, Naples), and “A new core for souls – the case of Beggar’s Theatre” (by Mariano Bauduin, Artistic Director of the Beggar’s Theatre).

The second day will start with the opening of the exhibition “PULLs@University”. Afterwards, parallel sessions of all REPAiR’s work packages will take place. These sessions include presentations, discussions and working in groups titled “Self – testing of GDSE”, “Policy Recommendation on Circular Economy for European/Regional/ Local authorities”, “Exchange session with partner Project Cities of Making” (Co-funded through JPI-Urban Europe ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures), ” How to integrate Eco-Innovative Solutions in the GDSE”, “Sustainability assessment, hands-on workshop on data preparation for the LCA” and “Knowledge Transfer of Eco-Innovative Solutions between PULLs”. The meeting will finish with a plenary session to discuss the reflections and perspectives.